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information about the farms our meat comes from

Our beloved purveyors!

Origin and traceability

It might seem strange to some why we here at Meatballs For The People are so particular about where our meat comes from.

Does it really taste better knowing where the meat originates from?
Yes, we think so, and the reason is quite simple. When you are familiar with the route of the meat, all the way from pasture to plate, you know there’s always people caring for the quality all the way resulting in a high quality product. If we then count in the breeders, hunters and fishermen(or women) that also cares for the environment, ethics combined with lots of passion, yes this results in fantastic products. These are the people we want as our purveyors.


ROCKLUNDA FARM: Here at Rocklunda pig farm they do a cross breed between Lantras, Yorkshire and Duroc pigs. These offspring has a  fine trait of a more marbled meat, which makes it more juicy and flavourful. The pigs are fed with oats, corn and wheat. The only additives are vitamins and minerals for the pigs well-being.

NORRBY FARM: Norrby Farm is a modern sheep farm in Mälardalen in Sweden. Here they combine lamb production with an extensive nature preservation.



BJÄLLANSÅS FARM: Here outside of Uddevalla they have farmed the land and bred beef cattle since 1969. During the years the operation have crystallised into the present organic beef cattle production which are Bohusläns largest of its kind. These animals are only fed gras and herbs, just like they where meant to.

KULLA RANCH: At Kulla Ranch they breed beef cattle in cooperation with Swedish gras meat who aims to produce the best and most natural meat today. The animals roam outside all year around and are fed only mothers milk, Swedish gras, minerals and herbs. No transgenic additives are allowed on the fodder.

TOCKAFARMARENS COCKERELS: Tockafarmarens Ungtupp started up back in 1993 and is a small family run company in Skåne that breeds and refine the Skånish cockerel when it’s at its best.

TOFTEBO FARM: Family owned turkey farm in Toftebo, Skåne. Here they have bred turkeys since 1997, but the farm has been in the possession of the family since the 1930’s. Now it’s run by the third and fourth generation that are expanding the enterprise in pace with the rising demand of Swedish, locally produced turkey meat.

STUBBENS FARM: Stubbens Produkter Öland KB is a rabbit farm with an in-house slaughterhouse and sales of rabbit meat, pelts, vegetables and more.