Do you take reservations?

You can book a table via our website. If the day and time you want to book is not available on the website it means that we are welcoming drop-in's instead. If you are a company of more than ten guests and want us to be prepared for your drop-in, don't hesitate to call or e-mail us! 

How long is the waiting list for drop-in's?

During weekdays we manage to seat drop-in's quite quickly, however during the weekend the waiting list is longer. Between 10 minutes to one hour. If you are a company of two it will naturally go faster to get a table than a company of six. During a busy day we might ask big companies to split up to ensure faster seating. 

How does the waiting list work?

Meatballs is a small restaurant so we can't fit all waiting guests inside our restaurant, therefore we keep a waiting list outside where the host gets your name and calls you in when your spot is ready! 

I want to visit Meatballs alone, do I need to book a table?

Single drop-in's are very welcome and don't require a long waiting time. Occasionally we seat singles together at the bar to create a chatty experience for you at our restaurant! 

If we book a table is there a possibility that we will be seated at the bar instead?

Meatballs is a small restaurant with more bar-seats than table-seats. If the day is busy you might be seated at the bar, but don't worry! The bar is an excellent eating area with a view into the open kitchen. If you prefer a table anyways, inform your waiter and we will do our best to get you a comfortable spot. 

Is the restaurant adapted for wheelchair users?

People in wheelchairs can enter the restaurant through the back entrance with help of our waiters, however we can not provide a way to the restroom due to narrow stairs. 

Can we bring children with us and do you provide highchairs? Is there a baby changing table?

You are welcome to bring your whole family! We provide highchairs, plastic cutlery for children and dishes customized for children. We do not have a baby changing table but you are welcome to use your small guest restroom. 

Can we bring our dog?

We love seeing dogs at our restaurant! We provide a bowl of water and you can even buy dog ice-cream!

Is there a parking spot nearby?

Stockholm might be tricky with parking spots. Right outside of our restaurant you can occasionally find a free parking spot on Kocksgatan, you can also find paid parking spots on Nytorgsgatan. 

Do you sell giftcards?

We are a part of Bockholmengruppen, which means that our giftcards can be used in all of Bockholmengruppen restaurants. You can purchase a digital gift card online on our website that arrives directly to your e-mail. Go to Book and select Presentkort. 

Do you have Wi-Fi at the restaurant?

We do not provide guest Wi-Fi at our restaurant.

Can we book the whole restaurant for an event?

Of course! Be sure to contact us by e-mail far ahead so that we can prepare for your visit. 

I am vegan, vegetarian, celiac or lactose intolerant, what are my options?

We offer four vegetarian alternatives and three vegan alternatives at Meatballs on our current menu. All of our meatballs are gluten and lactose free but contain milk protein. 

Can I order food for take away?


I forgot something at the restaurant, who can I contact?

You are welcome to call us or e-mail us for help.

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