Evening meatballs are the best balls if you ask us. The overall mood is usually turned up a notch to match the music. Come by for dinner or perhaps take a seat in the bar. Welcome!


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  • More than Swedish meatballs

    Meatballs can be so much more than the classic "Swedish meatballs"(regardless how tasty this dish actually is), and this is something we want to highlight. Come over and let us blow your mind!
  • "You'll find me in the bar"

    The life of a bar fly might seem like the perfect existence, and it probably is! But being a human in our bar is pretty close to perfection as well. Here you sit with a great view over the open kitchen and the dining area. And of course you can eat here. Welcome!
  • Our commodities

    We try to use only organic commodities, and all our meatballs (except for the meatballs made from beef) are gluten free. Lactose however, consists in most of them.